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Definitions would be especially important if your essay discusses a scientific topic where some scientific terminology may not be understood by the average person. A shocking or shocking statistic can grab the attention of your audience by immediately teaching something they did not know. Jack is a British-based Amsterdam graduate with a master’s degree in comparative literature. He writes and edits Scribbr and reads many books in his spare time.

If you need to submit the outline of your report, you may be given specific instructions to indicate whether you should use complete suggestions. The body of the essay is divided into three different topics, each of which is explored through examples in the book.

Once you learn something new in the first sentence, people will be interested to see where you go next. It may be helpful to turn your audience around based on the theme of your work.

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The paragraphs are still summarized in short sentences here, but individual points are described in full sentences. This description is for a brief argument that assesses the impact of the Internet on education. You can choose whether to write your outline in full sentences or short sentences. Be consistent in your choice. do not accidentally write some dots as complete sentences and others as short sentences.

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