Why America Needs Stricter Gun Control Laws

It might be barely possible to find individual who would not be ready to debate on gun control topic in the United States. No matter what your take on this issue may be, it is one of three most discussed topics in country after national security and turbulent economics. Now, regulations in terms of weapons are different in every country, which makes it important to research this topic and take only the best and most suitable practices for American citizens.

The amount of crime that would result from this would overwhelm our departments meant for controlling crime and would make a lot of people happy that the government is no longer controlling us. According to statistics, there are enough guns in the U.S. to arm every able-bodied adult and still have guns left over. According to the survey that I performed, 65% of people believe that gun control laws are violating the Constitution.

The debate on whether or not strict gun control laws should be enacted has been raging for years. While proponents of the said laws have in the past найти Gun Control Essay в гугле linked gun ownership to escalating crime, advocates of gun control are convinced that guns are an effective deterrent against acts of criminality.

Gun Control Essay

Without gun rights, people are at risk of being taken advantage of by those who find firearms through illicit means. Taking away gun rights is like equipping an army with butter knives, because the enemy could be coming to the doorstep, and the enemy is equipped with firearms gun supporters argue. They say the Colorado slaughter and similar crimes have nothing to do with gun laws because the guns used in that act wasn’t legal, anyway. There are standards that have to be met in regulating which types of firearms are permissible, but to discredit every firearm based on cases involving guns that aren’t legal is comparing apples and oranges, they go on.

Due to all debates and even false understanding of the Amendments and laws, I did research on gun control laws different points of view before coming to conclusion and making argument of my own point. Not having any gun control laws in place would create a lot of mayhem. Anyone in the United States at any time could purchase any firearm that they wish, even if they are a crazy killer that’s planning on massacring a group of people.

Free Gun Control Essays And Papers

Throughout the years, gun control has been a controversial issue for the public. It has been brought up in presidential debates and amongst society. It is such a controversial topic that no one can seem https://essayreply.com/ to agree on. Some people say that we should make guns illegal, while the other side argues that we should not. Morally, people believe by owning guns actually hinders rather than helps the society.

Much of society is convinced that the change in gun laws would begin to decrease the deaths around us; however, Americans are endowed these rights to self-defense in the Constitution. I believe that in some cases a gun is necessary, for example, a gun Gun Control Essay is necessary for self-defense. One should have the right to bear arms and protect oneself. While I am defending that we should have the right to bear arms, I am not supporting that we should give everyone guns, but give people have the right to.

A criminal, by definition, is a person who has committed a crime. Since these criminals have already proven themselves to be those who break the law, more laws would likely not prevent crime. Additionally, guns are not the actual problem that needs to be addressed. In 2012 a patient escaped from a mental hospital in New Mexico.

Gun Control Essay

It seems like there is a mass shooting each year in the United States. In 2011, the Arizona shooting killed six people and another 13 were injured. The Arizona Legislature introduced two new bills easing gun laws not long before the shootings took place. But do gun control laws really do anything to help solve violence? “As unsatisfying as it sounds, the answer is that we just don’t know,” .

Compare And Contrast Gun Control Paper Topics

Although I do support keeping guns legal, I am not suggesting that we should let everyone have guns, but suggesting that the government add more regulation laws in the process of obtaining a gun. We should not make guns illegal all in all, but instead we should have stricter gun laws as they have worked in many other states, for example, New York’s strict gun laws. Not only has it worked well in United States, but it has also worked well across the globe in places such as, Australia, when The National Firearms Agreement introduced strict gun control laws in 1996. Year by year they recorded data on how much the NFA has affected Australia. Some gun laws we should consider are trigger locks built on each gun, more thorough background checks on people, registered guns, and education classes on gun.

o, does gun control really result in decreased rates of crime? My take is that as the drafters of the econd Amendment intended, citizens should be permitted to bear guns for their own safety, and by extension, that of the entire American society. In this text, I develop an annotated bibliography based on a variety of resources on gun control.

The loophole is that these firearms can be easily acquired from a black-market. There is absolutely no uncertainty that the life of some 260 million weapons escalates the death count in this country. We https://essayreply.com/samples/gun-control-essay/ don’t have driven-by poisonings or drive-by knifings, but we do have driven-by shootings. Quick access to weapons makes deadly assault more prevalent in drug offers, gang battles and street area brawls.

  • By imposing gun control the government is breaking their promise to protect U.S. citizens’ rights.
  • The Bill of Rights explicitly states U.S. citizens’ unalienable rights, one of which is the right to bear arms.
  • Following my analysis of the views for each opposing side I provide possible legislative solutions for this issue based on the realities brought to light by my research.
  • This clearly states that Americans are born with the right to own guns, and the government cannot impede upon this right.

Gun Control Debates In The United States

One of the problems faced is that the information attained is limited in order to respect the privacy of the individual who owns the gun. According to the Economist, gun control is too late, anyway. “There are too many guns out there, and an individual right to bear arms is now entrenched in constitutional найти Gun Control Essay в википедии law,” . Gun supporters argue that whether or not the Economist actually agrees that guns should be a right in America doesn’t matter, because it is too late to take out of the American culture what defines it. People have this freedom for a reason, just as they have the right to self defense.

Discuss Media Bias And Propaganda On Gun Control

However, there is absolutely no way to extinguish this way to obtain guns. It might be constitutionally suspect and politically impossible to confiscate vast sums of weapons. You are able to declare a location gun-free, as Virginia Technology got done, and weapons it’s still helped bring there. If you want to suppose by how much the U.S. murder rate would fall season if civilians got no guns, we have to start by recognizing that the non-gun homicide rate in this country is 3 x greater than the non-gun homicide rate in Britain. For historical and ethnic reasons, People in America are a far more violent people than the British, even when they cannot use a firearm.

Practicality Of Gun Ownership

Gun control infringes upon the freedom to own guns for hunting or any sporting activities. An increase in gun control would not solve the issue of violence as guns are not the real problem that needs to be addressed. If stricter laws are placed on guns, citizens will rest assured of найти Gun Control Essay в ютюбе safety. Communities will be safer and people will not have any fear for their lives related to guns. Pro-gun control believes that gun control will deter repeat crime offenders because everyone will be questioned and a background check will be run on them before they can buy guns.

Gun Control Essay

How To Choose A Good Gun Control Topic

Instead of making guns illegal, as an alternative we should make stricter laws by controlling who can get a gun and who cannot. The reason students nowadays are often assigned to write a gun control essay is because this is a highly relevant issue for many countries, especially the United States. While studies clearly show that laws limiting or prohibiting guns lead to fewer victims, in the USA, possessing guns is considered one of the fundamental rights, since it dates back to the Second Amendment. Hence, society is divided between those for and against banned guns. By imposing gun control laws on citizens, the Government is breaking its promise to protect citizen’s rights.

Question is, what would be happening in our country if we did not have the government giving us all these laws? Gun control laws are always brought up as a hot topic after a group of people are shot at. Of course, there are concerns when an individual is shot to death, but when there are events such as the Colorado Shooting in 2012, the topic comes up more often in the media.

Later, in 2017, he shot and killed 26 people in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas (Emily Shapiro “Texas Shooting Suspect”). In this case, and numerous others, the human is not mentally stable, making them the threat, not the gun. There is a bigger issue at hand- mental health issues- that the government is failing to solve with gun control.

Anyone who was a criminal or been in a mental institution, etc. should not be able to purchase a gun. We should limit how many guns people can own and tax them for having a gun, as well as, restricting the age limit of buying a gun to 21. If guns were as regulated as cars, the crime rate would be significantly decreased.

Gun Control Essay

Centers for Disease Control that investigates information that is based on evidence to improve public health. This investigation looked at over 40 studies about gun control laws that ranged from banning the firearms to restricting the waiting periods to obtain a firearm. These studies proved insufficient to see whether there was any effect of the laws against firearms, . The research concluded that there aren’t enough credible studies to indicate whether gun control laws are effective.

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