PayForAResearchPaper Com – Total claims of Gazprom to Naftogaz exceeded $ 47 billion.

Ukrainian company received a decision addition of a tenfold decrease future mandatory gas supplies from Russia and a decision on its price in 2014. “The price of gas bought by Naftogaz in the second quarter of 2014 was reduced by 27 percent of 485 dollars per thousand cubic meters to 352 US dollars” – informed. The Court also held in Stockholm invalid entries in the gas contract between Ukraine and Russia, and ordered them to adapt to market standards. Naftogaz estimated that thanks to these decisions Ukraine has gained 75 billion dollars. They also decided that Naftogaz does not have to pay Gazprom for gas supplied to areas in the east of the country dominated by pro-Russian separatists in the so-called. dedicated circuit regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. “If the gas Gazprom supplied separatists, let them pay for it,” – emphasized in the message. “This is a historic victory. Ukraine broke from the gaseous hook and obtained the true energy independence, “- said the news of the success of Poroshenko. “Naftohaz victory in the Stockholm arbitration not a knockout, but three knockouts” – wrote on Twitter Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. In turn, Gazprom announced that a court in Stockholm obliged Naftogaz to pay Russia’s $ 2 billion debt for gas supplies and promised the Ukrainian company to receive from the new year, 5 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Gazprom, the Ukrainian media quote the message, also said that the court refused to change the price of gas to Naftohaz, acquired in the period from May 2011 to April 2014 and found that the binding principle of “take or pay” until the end of the contract. In mid-2014 Naftogaz filed in the arbitration court in Stockholm a lawsuit on determining the fair price of gas supplied by Russia to Ukraine. In response, Gazprom has filed a lawsuit against the Ukrainian concern, relating to debt for delivered raw material. The Stockholm court joined the two complaints in one case. Total claims of Gazprom to Naftogaz exceeded $ 47 billion. Most of this sum – 34.5 billion dollars – associated with the condition was just “take or pay”. From Kiev Yaroslav Junko (PAP) The authorization includes taking action on the properties of the FSA, including issuing administrative decisions and, with the exception of decisions on the merits in the cases referred to in Article.

12 paragraph. 2 and 2a of the Act of 21 July 2006. Supervision of Financial Market and decisions on the merits in the proceedings initiated at the request lodged under Article. 127 § 3 of the Act of 14 June 1960. – Administrative Procedure Code in connection with art. 11 paragraph.

6 of the Act of 21 July 2006. Supervision of the financial market, and to grant further powers of attorney PFSA employees – are currently in a statement. Financial Supervision Commission at Tuesday’s meeting also refused to issue a permit to start operations by the Polish Bank SA Apeksowy. “Financial Supervisory Commission, carrying out statutory tasks foreseen for the supervisory authority to ensure the safety of the financial market decided that the permission to start operations by the Polish Bank Apeksowy SA can not be issued due to the irregularity established sound organizational preparation to start a business, indisposed appropriate conditions to hold cash and other values, including the scope and nature of the banking business and the non-compliance of the conditions laid down in the decision to issue a permit to establish a bank “- reads the KNF. The next meeting of the Commission are scheduled for: December 4, 2018 r.i on December 18, 2018. (PAP) Macron Tuesday in Strasbourg takes part in the plenary debate on the future of the Union. Talking to MEPs, he touched on energy issues. “We fully understand the concerns of the Nord Stream 2. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, herself a few days ago and expressed it openly said that this issue is extremely delicate and thorny, because it is about our collective energy sovereignty to Russia,” – said the President of France. He added that for him, the EU’s energy policy should above all be consistent with the aspirations about reducing CO2 emissions and guarantee “energy sovereignty in Europe.” He said that his country wants to continue intensively to develop renewable energy sources and reduce the share of nuclear energy in the mix energetycznym.zobacz the Nord Stream 2 Russia helps to disintegrate the European Union “stressed that he would not” give energy sovereignty of the EU or other countries. ” He stressed that if the EU will increase its energy dependence from non-EU countries, in particular Russia, to import energy from it, “there will be a good decision.” Nord Stream 2 is to be built under the Baltic Sea, parallel to the running in 2011. Nord Stream gas pipeline.

It has to be two mains gas bus with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year from Russia to Germany. Russian Gazprom’s partners in this project is five Western energy companies: the Austrian OMV, German BASF-Wintershall and Uniper (separated from E.On), Engi French and Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell. Process Johnson, MEPs will vote on the draft budget for 2018. The project assumes that the deficit will not exceed 41.5 billion zł, economic growth will be at 3.8 per cent., And the average annual inflation will amount to 2.3 percent. State revenues are expected to reach 355.7 billion zł and expenditure 397.2 billion zł. The project assumes the general government deficit in 2018. In the amount of 2.7 percent.

GDP. The government predicts an increase in the average annual wage fund in the national economy and an increase in pensions of 6.3 per cent., The growth of private consumption in nominal terms by 5.9 per cent. In the so-called. European funds budget for 2018 established that its revenues will amount to 64.8 billion zł, spending 80.2 billion zł, and the deficit of 15.5 billion zł. The parliamentary public finance committee on Wednesday examined 130 amendments to the budget for 2018.

Gained recognition among amendments which suggested as a source of funding provision for the financing of the EXPO in Lodz, which, however, will not take place in Lodz – in November last year it was decided that the exhibition will take place in Buenos Aires. Amendments include allocation to different regional goals over 84 million zł, of the 360 ​​million zł protected by the government on the cel.zobacz also Sejm with the Senate amendments to the bill to restrict the sale of alcohol »The support committee received amendment – made up more than political divisions, by representatives of all clubs – which provides for the allocation of 1.2 million zł for the creation of a new provision related to the creation of the Silesian Center for Clinical and Scientific Prevention and Treatment of environmental Diseases, Aging, and Civilization them. prof. Zbigniew Religa. Among the amendments adopted by the committee found, among others, This, which provides for an increase of nearly 95 million zł year’s general reserve. Money for this purpose are to come from a reduction in the budgets of some institutions, which themselves are planning their budgets, ie for example.

Office: the Senate, the President of the Republic or of judicial institutions or ombudsmen. At the same time the committee adopted an amendment increasing the Sejm Chancellery spending almost 13 million zł. This is related to the new tasks of the Chancellery of the Sejm concerning the maintenance of the Parliamentary Guard Marszałkowska and gastronomy. The Chamber will also continue to work on the government’s draft law on electromobility and alternative fuels. The project by the Ministry of Energy contains regulations designed to support the development of market infrastructure and alternative fuels and innovative forms transportu.zobacz also Sejm with the Senate amendments to the law on aid to small and medium-sized companies »Project provides for a system of incentives, including the abolition of excise duty on electric cars, exemption from parking fees, increased depreciation for companies, but also by the ability to create local zones of clean transport, which enter by car with a conventional drive will be paid. It also assumes, among others, the construction of the core network infrastructure for alternative fuels in urban areas, in densely populated areas and along the trans-European road transport corridors, which is to allow the free movement of vehicles powered by these fuels. It is planned that by the end of 2020.

Core network will create 6 thousand. charging points electricity under normal 400 and high power charging points and 70 points CNG (compressed gas). Source: Official Legal Newspaper Last week, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki started from declaration that the number of deputy ministers to be reduced by up to a quarter. Undersecretaries of state are to be redeployed to the civil service. To the head of government zaordynował liquidation awards and bonuses for ministers and their deputies. We checked whether such cuts are in the leadership of the Ministry of justification. To assess whether the staff secretaries and undersecretaries of state is too large, we used indicator, how many employees the ministry falls on the one secretary or undersecretary of state.

DGP The information that is based on a similar algorithm Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, selecting for the ministry, which is expected resign. – The department analyzes the CPM created an algorithm that takes into account the number of officials in the department, its budget and the number of tasks. The formula shows how many people should expect the leadership of the Ministry. But there is no simple ratios because they are substantive and political considerations – says the head of the Prime Minister’s Office DGP Michael Dworczyk. Here are the most numerous is the busy executives in the Ministry of Finance. There’s two offices of state secretaries and undersecretaries of six.

However, the ministry is also working most officials – more than 2.7 thousand. people. This is comparable to the number of employees, which is a total of departments: science, energy, culture, education, maritime affairs, sport and agriculture. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance on the one falls a record 343 officials. Tax authorities in the past two years has grown mainly due to the rise of National Fiscal Administration, which forced the creation of new departments. In total, there are currently 33, and for this there is another seven offices. The existence of at least three deputy ministers in this department also enforces the law on KAS, under which they now hold the position of head of the reformed his taxman and zastępcy.zobacz also Morawiecki: The next dismissals deputy ministers – on Monday.

I want to “slim down” the government “- Of course, the law of the KAS can be changed at any time, and the deputies do not have to be in the rank of under-secretaries. Only it will not change the image that the MF is one of the hardest busy departments – says our source from the government circles. Therefore arrived there last week, the new Deputy Minister – Thomas Robaczyński. Will be responsible for the budget after the head of the ministry promoted previously responsible for this area Czerwińska Teresa. Also on the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for supervision of the multitude of officials. On one of them falls Deputy Minister 342. In diplomacy there is a wide range of duties, thus working in the Ministry of the five deputy ministers.

On average, in their ministries from three to five. In these the least numerous in the workforce, such as sports or the maritime economy, employing over two hundred people, and one deputy minister, the corresponding 75 and 87 officials. Although deputy ministers ministerial record belongs to the Ministry of Finance, in the whole of government beats him Prime Minister. When the Prime Minister announced cuts in the leadership of ministries, in a place where the offices, there were a total of 13 secretaries and undersecretaries of state. Given the number of local employees (as of 2016)., One deputy minister for them accounted for only 43. Compared with the ministries is also very mało.zobacz Mateusz Morawiecki dismissed the first deputy ministers. The job you lost a secretary of state in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery “Since the announcement of Mateusz Morawiecki one already disappeared.

The head of government accepted the resignation of Jaroslaw Pinkas. With the Ministry of Infrastructure has already said goodbye to Kazimierz Smolinski and Thomas Żuchowski. When there were members of the management of the Ministry, one of the deputy minister there accounted for 84 officials. After the dismissals will be 125 people. – Ultimately, fewer employees in the ministry should not have more than two deputy head. The biggest room for cuts in the Chancellery – says our source from the government. The next round of the resignation was announced by the head of the government today.

As reported “fact”, the Prime Minister agreed with the chairman of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the ministries will that involuntary weight loss will not touch. Ministries: Finance, Investment and Development and the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense. How will the newly furnished office, we will see in two months. The term stems from the announcement Morawiecki Matthew and his associates. There are two reasons for the dismissal.

The first is the plan for the new organization of the government and its hinterland. The second is the effect of that Sunday was the deadline to accept the resignation, which made from the machine, all secretaries and undersecretaries of state, when there was a change of prime minister. Because according to the Law on the Council of Ministers in this case includes the resignation of a state of law. Prime Minister then has three months to decide on their adoption. If it does not, they continue to work. Certainly today to say goodbye with the positions of several deputy ministers. – It will be a major change – tells us one of the co-prime minister. Changes, changes, changes from the point of view Morawiecki more important, however, is the idea of ​​what is behind the idea adjustments.

After the completion of the structure of the government to be more transparent. Today in the office Morawiecki including more than 120 ministers, secretaries and undersecretaries of state. Ultimately, ministers and secretaries to be 50 and they will form the political department of the government. While the Secretary of State has become the highest level clerical. Therefore resignations does not necessarily mean departure from the government, because much of the deposed remain in administration positions in the civil service. As explains the head of the Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk, the new formula the government has to be more expert.

The aim is to develop a group of officials of the High-Level model Tomasz Merta and Elizabeth Suchocka-Roguski, who as deputy ministers were distinguished by various government teams.

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