ALM Engineering Solutions makes significant investment in IT Infrastructure to support its continued growth.

The growing business which supplies precision machined metal components for use in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Aerospace & Automotive industries is committed to developing and strengthening its position as one of the leading sub-contract machinists in the North East. To ensure continued success with its growth strategy, ALM has invested more than £40,000 in its back office systems with a new IT installation and telephony solution. Managing Director Tony Thompson “ as we continue to target growing markets, it is more and more important to have the ability to communicate, process and respond to customer demands at an ever increasing pace. The demands on our existing system have increased exponentially over the past year with software packages demanding bigger and faster processors to “crunch” vast amounts of information. We use CAD/CAM to minimise machine down time and to ensure machining cycles are optimised, giving us the best possible machine output. Solidworks 3D design software allows us to produce more realistic prototype images and our MRP/ERP system ensures work is planned & scheduled to meet customer delivery dates whilst reducing machine set ups to a minimum”. To get the best out of these systems requires the latest hardware & software and as our expected growth will require all of our attention, dealing with an outdated system was not on our agenda! After a complete review of our existing systems and working alongside our IT partners Aspire Technology Solutions, we decided to draw a line under the existing system and install a brand new system, customised to suit our growth requirements for the next five years. The net result is a much more stable, fast and intuitive user experience. Team members can quickly access shared information, review enquiries and respond across a common platform to give customers the rapid response they need” In addition to the new IT system, the directors decided to combine this upgrade with a new telephony suite which provides the facility for each user to have their own direct dial number, again making it easier for customers and suppliers to access their contact quickly and without the need to go through a reception centre. Improved call handling, messaging and call forwarding ensures that clients and suppliers alike waste no time waiting for answers to urgent requests. ALM is in business to improve the lives of its customers and can only achieve this by moving forward with the latest technology, systems and processes. This investment is just one of a series of major investments planned for the remainder of 2015 aimed at supporting this goal.

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